Questions and Answers

What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is a term used to draw the attention of an authority over an issue of misconduct or violation. Corruption, fraud, harassment, embezzlement, theft, health and safety violations, cover-ups and nepotism are common activities reported by whistleblowers.

Who may use the hotline?

The hotline can be used by employees, vendors, customers, etc, depending on agreement.

What will happen to the report?

The team will review the report and pass it to the respective client to be examined. Any indication of misconduct will be addressed by implementing necessary actions.

Will I really remain anonymous?

Yes. The call centre is hosted and managed by an external off-site service provider. The strict confidentiality rules apply. Even if you provide your personal details to the call centre agents, disclosure of such information on certain condition is allowed only to investigators. The call centre agents are well experienced. Likewise, confidentiality is included in the employment agreement.

How do you retain my personal data?

Your data will be deleted in the following cases:
  • Upon request from Canary’s client
  • At the end of the contract between Canary operator and our client
  • Upon request of whistleblower in case whistleblower has provided his/her personal data

Is there any reward for whistleblower?

No. There is no reward for reporting any issue.